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Rag & Bone by the White Stripes is arguably the greatest composition of The White Stripes entire career. Following Meg and Jack's divorce in 2000, Icky Thump was to be their last great album together. It was the last attempt by the both of them to get a handle on their creative process. As always, Jack White's strong guitar playing and ability to conjure a narrative on every track is really what holds the entire album together.

Specific to Rag & Bone however, is the idea that Jack and Meg are some kind of wandering pair of shady travelling pawn artists. They buy and sell objects of minimal worth, to some unknown amount of profit. Again, this is a strong Jack-powered narrative. Unique to this particular song though is Meg's involvment in said narrative. It's unclear whether or not this is due to Jack's cajoling Meg to take a more active part in the song's theme, or some other hidden reason. What IS clear is that she makes an effort, and the song is a shining star because of it.

The height of the entire song, and perhaps the whole album, is Meg's dissaffected "I dunno" at beginning of the song. It's her most whole-hearted attempt at being involved in a full White Stripes song. From there on it's all a plateau, and after the final Rag & Bone is screamed, a steady decline begins.


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